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The North America-To-Africa Diaspora Connection

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More and more of the African diaspora is awakening to the truths about the Motherland, with so many diasporans vloging about their move and travels there.  The North America-to-Africa Diaspora Connection is an online resource center for the African diaspora in North America, particularly in the United States (US), who want to learn more about Africa through the eyes of the diaspora, whether or not you plan to visit or repatriate.  This site provides exciting and truthful information about Africa that answers questions and addresses common concerns that the diaspora may have who have never visited Africa before.  With this resource, we hope to provide a more accurate depiction of the Motherland.

​Although the African diaspora spans worldwide, this site will address some subject matters that relate specifically to those in the US who want to learn about Africa.  We are developing with our UK and Caribbean diasporan family a very similar resource site specific to the diaspora in those respective destinations that will celebrate the unique history and cultural influences of Africa in those parts  of the world:  UK-to-Africa Diaspora Connection   and Caribbean-to-Africa Diaspora Connection      Stay tuned for the announcement about the launch of these two sites soon!  All three sites will inter-relate on a number of levels and connect back to Africa in an amazing way.  For this website, our support team is of the African diaspora in the US, and is most familiar by heritage and experience with the needs, concerns, and questions as they pertain to our African heritage in the US.  Our support services team also has extensive travel experience throughout Africa, as well as professional business backgrounds in various industries throughout Africa and the US. 


Although the cultural differences between the diaspora and native Africans can be misunderstood at times, our website content will address some of those challenges to bridge that gap and provide understanding. 

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