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DiasporaNs doing BUSINESS IN africa

(Hover over bag above to access '<' and '>' arrows to advance to each bag image. Bag Number posted at bottom of each bag image.)

Authentic South African Handcrafts


Handcrafted Beaded Bags:


  • Unique and not found anywhere else - no two bags are alike.

  • All materials and the end product are 100% South African made.

  • Each bag is handcrafted and double stitched for durability

  • These beaded bags can be used for shopping, sleepovers, arts and crafts, or just to compliment your outfit to stand out in the crowd.

  • Each bag has the following dimensions: Length 14.5 in, Width 16 in, Breath 6.5 in

  • Every design and color are a limited edition, for now.

  • SA - 22 bags are currently available in SA at R600, plus local shipping (contact me for domestic payment instructions and shipping rates).

  • USA - 8 bags currently available in US - first come first served, at $35 per bag, plus $8 shipping and handling (USD) – Total of $43 USD.

Payments Instructions (US ONLY):

  • *To purchase, please go to or click

  • PLEASE indicate bag number for specific bag(s) that you are purchasing in the PayPal payment notes (hover over bag image shown above to see bag number at bottom of bag image).

  • PLEASE include email address and complete shipping address in the US to where you want the bag shipped, in the PayPal payment notes.

  • A minimum of 100 bags for bulk orders shipped to the US from South Africa, due to shipping costs.

*You MUST have PayPal to pay with this link. Unfortunately, due to limited online payment processing options in South Africa, currently this is the only available online method for international sales.


For additional information or questions please, email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Thank you for your support and God bless!

Lisa Nkosi
27 78 327 4669 (WhatsApp Number)

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